kumbayah ... or not

I should know better. After 15 years of being in love with a man who also happens to be a police officer I should know better than to read people's comments online when an officer loses it and makes awful choices.

I know we can't all get along, history proves that. But why is it so difficult to see that when ONE person makes a poor choice it is NOT a reflection of the entire group with which said person is affiliated?


(in the following paragraphs - I don't mean YOU per se....)

I guarantee there aren't cameras at your job or a mic pinned to your lapel to catch every mumble under your breath or every hand gesture you make behind your coworkers backs. You don't have to go to court for just about every decision you make while at work.

Police officers swear to uphold the law and because of the way our world has become lawsuit crazy, yes they wear mics and are on video more often than not while working. And yes, sometimes they make a poor choice... Just like everyone else in the world.

Yup. People make mistakes. People sin. This is nothing new. But please... Please don't group my ethical, genuine, strong, amazing leader of a husband into this automatic "guilty by association" cloud when a police officer misses the mark. Please.

I apparently have not learned my lesson and just spent 20 minutes reading comments from people who have only heard probably 1/5 of the story of an event that occurred. So here I sit all upset and frustrated with people who make generalizations.

And then I turn my pointed index finger to myself and wonder how often I make those same ridiculous generalizations at other groups of people.

Lord God, open my eyes and my heart and help me to be a better example of sorting out the sin of a person from the group of people he/she may be part of. Restore my faith in humanity by working good deeds through me and streaming a solid mindset through me. Let me see your people the way you see your people. My human glasses are fogged up. I need your awesome optometry cloth to wipe it all away.

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