alice the camel has more than one hump

When I was a kid I went to girl scout camp and we learned a song that says Alice the camel has 5 humps... then eventually she gets down to no humps and apparently she is actually a horse because we then get to sing "ride, Alice, ride!"

If we're going to talk about my progress with media fasting, Alice probably only has 1 hump.  I don't miss it folks.  I don't miss Facebook.  I don't miss Instagram.  I don't miss Pinterest but I still reference my previous "pins" for sewing projects.  I still crave my time-waster games but I don't really miss them.  This is good, yes?  Yes... except...

The other night I asked my husband if he noticed a difference in my presence at home - if I was just that, more present.  He said .... not... really.


I think I have gotten so used to being in my own world of social media that I was essentially doing my own thing while coexisting with my family.  Now that I took social media out, guess what?!?!  I'm still doing my own thing, it's just not related to my iPhone.  They play games, I go sew.  They watch a TV show together, I go play in the gardens.  They throw the football, I sit outside and read.

You mean to tell me this was just the first layer?
I'm afraid so.
I didn't solve all my problems by taking out social media?
I'm afraid not. 
So, Alice still has 5 humps?
Maybe 4 1/2.
Awesome. (said in my best sarcastic tone)

This morning I made my son's lunch and was up and around while my family was getting ready for their day (this is hard for me because getting out of bed is a brutal act when my body hurts).  This afternoon I hope to play a game with my son and then leave fun little notes around for my husband to find later.

One day at a time, one layer at a time.  Progress is good!

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