don't save me a seat on the Axiom

It's 10:16pm and I have successfully survived the day without TV, movies, Facebook*, Instagram, Candy Crush, Tiny Castle, Pinterest, and many other things.  Why in the world am I fasting from media?  Because my friend Anne enjoys inflicting pain* on me and asked me to speak at our upcoming bible study session (we are reading the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker --- it's excellent!) on the chapter about excessive use of media.  
*Anne is in no way a pain inflicter... inflictor?... whatever. She loves me. I promise.

NOTE: There are no snazzy blog photos to go with this post because ... I was trying NOT to use my phone.  Update... my friend Shelley just texted this to me and I HAD to include it.

Perhaps I should back up.
Hi, I'm Ann.
(hi Ann)
I have been sober for 23 hours.  I am addicted to my iPhone. ... In no way is this a joke friends.  I truly am addicted.  It's sitting next to me right now.

Last night I read ahead to the chapter on fasting from media and I was so stinking convicted to take action right then, immediately. So I deleted numerous apps from my phone.  

I should also confess to show you that I am no saint, that when I deleted Tiny Castle it asked me if I was sure I wanted to delete all of my saved game play from the database ... and I hesitated. 

For a long time.

I was at level TWENTY ONE ya'll!  I could SEE the Queen's castle even though I hadn't unlocked it yet.  Did I mention I have a problem? For the record, I said yes --- delete all.  If I'm going to change, I need to get serious. And perhaps grow up a teeny tiny bit, but let's not get crazy mmmmkay?

Recent issues that reached up and smacked me while reading this chapter:

  • When was the last time I didn't say "just a second William" when my son asked me a question?  
  • When was the last time my husband and I just sat together to talk with our eyes MEETING each others?  
  • When was the last time I had conquered a task from beginning to end without stopping every 10 minutes to "check my phone."  

Check it for what you ask?  That's a darn good question.  And I don't have the answer, so I asked Jeeves why "he"?  thought I was checking my phone. "He" showed me a link on CNN that said a recent study showed that adults ... grown-ups, that's most likely you (and me, most of the time) ... check their phones an average of 34 times a day.  Most times the "checking" lasts 10 seconds.  Dude, that's me.  Ok confess, it's totally you too.  

This morning I woke and completed my morning ritual... reach to my nightstand to "check my phone."  

Perhaps I am afraid it will sprout legs and walk away during my sweet slumber? Or maybe I fear I need to change it's diaper, or burp it, or upgrade an app so it's at the same level as the rest in its class. Dear friends, I'm not exactly sure what I am needing to "check". I first look for text messages (I do turn the sound off at night ... so there's that.), then I check email and delete all of the silly advertisement emails, then of course I harvest the food on Tiny Castle so that I can feed my newly hatched Minotaur. No I'm not kidding. Then I have to collect all the coins and plant new seeds so that I can harvest again in 2-3 hours.

In the meantime, I am missing out on conversation with my family at the breakfast table. Not to mention I have completely missed out on thanking the Lord for another day to attempt to do His will ... oh wait, I forgot to see if Courtney passed me on Candy Crush ... DANG IT ... she did. What was I saying? Oh yeah, God ... thank you God for this day, blah blah blah. Oh my family is leaving for the day, I will get up for this... I want to pray with them.

This morning when I reached for my phone I found that because of my recent app purge, there really wasn't anything to check... I put the phone down and got up.  

  1. I made my son's lunch.  
  2. I laughed with my husband about how crazy our puppy-cat is (the poor thing is confused, she really thinks she is a puppy - sorry sister, you are 100%... well wait, you're fixed... 99% cat!)
  3. I actually sincerely prayed with my family.  

After they left, I checked my phone.  Oh RIGHT, there's nothing to check.  Ok well, let's get moving then.

I don't know how else to say this than to just say this...  

Today was amazing.  

I felt so ... alert and present in my own life.  I worked on my bible study and made it an entire page without feeling the urge to ... you got it ... check my phone.  My sister came over for coffee and I actually heard every word she said because ... there was nothing to check on my phone.  Isn't that RIDICULOUS?!?!  Then I packed my car for errand day, complete with a lunch so I could resist the urge to eat out.  I left the house EARLIER than I needed to (someone write this in sharpie ... Ann Skaehill had a premature departure from her home this 4th day of April 2013.)  

I ran an errand and knew exactly what I needed and was in and out in no time ... and then, it happened again.  I was early to an appointment!  TWICE in one day the word "early" escaped from my lips!  I spent some precious time with a newborn baby so his mama could take some time to care for herself.  And then by golly, I wasn't the last car in the carpool lane today.

I can't believe I don't miss it.  Any of it.  I don't miss Facebook.  I ENJOYED my day.  It feels like it was a good, full day.  I don't feel like time flew by and I missed it.  When I saw something funny I wasn't compelled to go all paparazzi and get a snapshot of it so I could post it somewhere.  I just enjoyed the humor and went on with my day.  I prayed for so many people today as I drove that I lost count of who all was on that list.  I'm thinking I was actually following God's prompting because I wasn't distracted.  Huh. Jen Hatmaker is on to something here.  

The thing I'm most excited about is that I feel pretty certain that I am not going to turn into a resident on the spaceship "Axiom" and become completely dependent on my electronic devices that I forget that I can even walk!  

So there's day 1.  I'm actually pretty excited to see what day 2 brings.  I'm going to leave my phone in the kitchen tonight... because, well, there's nothing to check before I go to bed.... AND because I'm looking forward to my prayer time!

*Disclaimer: This textversation happened tonight...
Me: I started my media fast today.  No Facebook, no Instagram, and no games on my phone.  Guess what? I was as productive as Superman!  Sans cape.
Carmen: Nice!!!  We should have interesting conversations tomorrow while walking...
Me: Aw dang it.  I just used Facebook without thinking!  But I was replying to a neighborhood food drive announcement.  Grace?
Carmen: Absolutely!  Without a doubt it can be used for good.

Now that I have confessed my Facebook sin, I can rest peacefully tonight.

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Amanda H. said...

Cute! Makes me excited rather than nervous!