life minus facebook equals time squared

It's been 4 days with no Facebook, no Instagram, no Pinterest (except for when I need to pull a pattern off of my board for my business), and no games on my iPhone.  Some interesting things have happened in 4 days. 

  1. I find myself STILL "checking" my iPhone.  I'm still not exactly sure what I think I will find when I "check" it, but alas I find myself pulling it out of my purse and sliding my thumb across that screen.
  2. Facebook is sneaky.  I get notifications when things have been posted to our neighborhood pages, and I get a birthday notification of all the upcoming birthdays.  TWICE I have clicked on the links in the emails to reply to the post only to realize --- GASP, I'm not supposed to be here!  Also, I am actually going to send cards in the mail to the few people on that birthday list that I actually talk to and for whom I have physical addresses.  (Note: I did cheat when we posted a picture of our son's sandbox that we are giving away freely to whomever would like to come pick it up!)
  3. It's amazing how many things I have accomplished in four days.  I really am quite astonished by this.  At some point, I will have to admit that my husband is right about my affair with my iPhone...he has always said that I could get more done if I would stop checking Facebook. However, I'm not quite ready to admit that he is right... I'm still in an outlandish justification mode.
  4. I'm starting to think I do not have adult ADD, I have just always been incredibly consumed with the 10-15 apps I had running all at once on my phone. This is good news!
  5. iPhone batteries last forever when you aren't playing games.
  6. I desperately wanted to "check in" at the restaurant we visited after church today and then I realized for the first time ever just how ridiculous that truly is.  "Dear entire world, we are at a cool restaurant.  You may proceed with your lives now that you have this vital piece of information. You're welcome."
  7. My son is hilarious.
  8. My son knows a TON of the bible --- how did I not know this about him???
  9. I can actually exercise more than I thought I could (I have a laundry list of medical issues).  Apparently my iPhone led me to believe I was a paraplegic.  Who knew it's not that serious?!?!
  10. I have read more in four days than I have read in about 2 months (bible study classes and related workbooks aside).
My husband went cold-turkey and left Facebook high and dry.  Deleted his account.  Completely.  It's cool, I had heart palpitations FOR him.  He said what "did him in" was reading all these late January posts from people who had yet to take down their Christmas trees.  Some made jokes about it.  Some complained there just wasn't enough time.  I think some secretly wanted their 300+ Facebook friends to come take the trees down for them.  

Please read item #3 in my list above.  Ummm, I just moved one inch closer to admitting he is right.  

The last interesting and incredibly wonderful thing that has happened since I stopped being a slave to my "smart" phone and all the worlds of which it enticed me to enter, I started reading my bible more.

If you would like to believe this picture is of me, you go right ahead because I love how her stomach looks nice and trim. And she appears to be quite fashionable as well.    Picture borrowed from http://www.stgeorges-maplewood.org/

Dear Jen Hatmaker, 
I would like to thank you for reminding me that God gave me 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.  And this is plenty of time to accomplish the things He has set before me.  
A Candy Crush Detoxer

I don't think I will be adding any of the apps back in that I deleted ... especially Facebook.  I will keep my account and I will probably allow myself one day a week to poke around there, but it will not be something that I allow back in to steal my daily time.  My time is pretty darn precious and I am quite certain that's not how God wants me to use the time He has given to me.  

LIFE - facebook = TIME (squared)

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Lindsey Choi said...

Just stumbled across your blog and thought this was a really excellent post. I'm always hoping more people will realize this, especially the not checking in places due to potential break-ins. Bye!