freckled zoo

Snuggled in next to me, you're fast asleep. Snoring. Inching ever closer, even in your sleep. We are blessed to have three beds, yet you just want to be close to me and sleep right by my side... In my bed.

You're ten now and you still surprise me almost daily. You are so stinkin funny and most days you even make yourself laugh! You make friends everywhere you go. You're  the first to run to help someone or hold the door open for a mommy with a stroller. You have a heart for God and you're a dry sponge when it comes to bible stories; you know those stories better than daddy and I do!

You constantly have bruises on your shins, your arms, and even on your hands - because you love to pretend to be a ninja, a soccer player, or even make your friends laugh with crazy physical comedy. You remind me of John Ritter or Steve Martin sometimes. Comical. Silly. And easy to love.

You don't care if you're dirty or if your hair is messed up, and you're happiest in either mono color outfits (white shirt and white shorts) or in the grey robe your grandma made for you. Comfy clothes rock!

The past couple years I have really screwed up, kiddo. I got all obsessed with technology and forgot to look you in the eyes every chance I got. I forgot to listen to you breathe when you sleep.  I forgot to let myself get lost in your sea of freckles, and laugh at your jokes. And I no longer seemed to have the time to use pastels and get messy with you like we used to do. Remember "Boo & Bop" art?  That was our signature!

Tonight I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the simplest things. The sound of your gentle giant snoring makes me giggle and melt all at once. I love your freckled cheeks, and even your bitten fingernails. I love the way you hold onto "mommy kitty" and I ADORE the fact that she is still your favorite.

I love that you and I are squished onto my side of the bed because your "zoo" is taking up daddy's side. I love that you didn't comb your hair after your bath and the fact that its sticking up and tickles my face makes me smile. I love that your daddy is your hero, your confidant, and your best bud. Watching you two together makes my love thermometer bust from a high fever.

Tonight I'm taking inventory of all of the things I have missed while my face was glued to my iPhone, and I regret that I have missed so much. But you have my word that I am going to work hard to break this addiction to technology so that I don't miss anything else!

I love you son.
I am so sorry for messing up my priorities.
Please be patient with me while I figure this out.
And thank you for loving me despite my many flaws.

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